Welcome to the Performance Lifestyle® Academy

With Lifestyle Coach JAM & Team.

What is Performance Lifestyle Academy?

Performance Lifestyle Academy was created by John Allen Mollenhauer as a single place where entrepreneurs and business professionals above 40 years old can develop skill sets and mindsets, routines and habits around their lifestyle so that they can stop burning out and achieve their most ambitious goals by living in balance with vibrant health and peace of mind.

Integrating the most advanced science, principles, and practices from various fields like sleep, psychology, productivity, nutrition, periodization, neuroscience, and sports; performance lifestyle academy is a whole-life approach to addressing the root causes of excess stress and burnout for successful living.

You'll fit right in if .....

You are tired of spending time and money trying to figure out why you don’t have the energy and performance capacities you used to, and still haven't gotten the solution

You need and want more energy in your life

You want to improve your health and wellbeing You are ready to change, improve and optimize the way you live

You want to live the absolute best version of yourself

You have big goals you want to achieve in your life, business, even a sport or creative pursuit.

This is not for you if:

You think you’re already living an optimal lifestyle

You want to focus on psychology or any one aspect of lifestyle alone 

You don’t want to face your true condition.

You are not ready to change, improve and optimize the way you live.

You are simply fine with the way things are

You do not have the time or desire to invest in growing your greatness.

You do not have an open mind.

What is included in Performance Lifestyle Academy?

The performance lifestyle academy has THREE parts to it.

1- Performance Lifestyle Blueprint

Ever wonder why some individuals succeed more than others without burning out or trading their health for success?

Why some people have the energy for higher levels of success in the first place? 

 Which habits can help you achieve long-term success while maintaining vibrant health and peace of mind no matter you age, career, or personality?

The answer to all of those questions and many more are answered in The Performance Lifestyle® Blueprint. It’s taken over 20 years to assemble this blueprint that connect the dots on every aspect of the lifestyle that optimizes your energy, health, and performance in service of successfully achieving your goals.

This is a physical binder that contains The Fundamentals Of Successful Living; the lifestyle habits that we should've been taught before becoming an adult, so that as an entrepreneur or professional… we can crush it, without getting crushed by excess, stress fatigue and poor lifestyle habits.

If you ever wanted a science-backed, real-world, complete strategy for taking your energy, health and performance to a whole new level, not just “motivational”, “healthy” or “success oriented,” but rather a habit-building system that integrates it all into one lifestyle, it’s now in your hands. 

Get ready to become a healthy high achieving person who thrives. 

This product will be shipped to you directly.

2- The Cornerstone Course “Manage Your Energy Like a Pro”

Energy is the key to and life itself. Managing it is the key to health, and high performance; and that’s why it’s the crux (the rudder) of a performance lifestyle.

But most of what you learn about managing your energy is falling short of the real energy breakthroughs that make energy management possible. 

In this course, you will learn how to no longer get caught in the misinterpretation of tiredness and fatigue. 

Your Year in the Life starts with a Powerful LIVE 8-Week Course of Action On the 8 Proven Energy Breakthroughs to Beat Fatigue, Increase Your Vitality, and Naturally Boost Your Performance and Productivity.

3- MyPL365 Community

Life in today’s performance culture, can be ridiculously hard, especially when you don’t have the support you need to succeed. And it’s a lonely road when you try to change and improve on your own. 

There are so many hidden lifestyle challenges that can distract and hold us back from achieving what we want because people in general do not understand energy, health, and human performance.

This is why the Academy exists— To provide the inspiration, education, and support [IES]; so that, guided by the right principles practices and lifestyle strategy, a group of people interested in results and transformation can learn together.

That said, when you log in to the Academy, you will login to “MyPL365” so that it’s front and center that you are developing and living your performance lifestyle 365 days a year with a lot of help from your friends.

If you're serious about changing, improving, and optimizing the way you live, then MyPL365 is exactly what you need. 

There are also several deep dives courses that will be made available for purchase so you can go even deeper on aspects of the lifestyle.

Here's what you will get when you join the community:
  • Get exclusive content, conversations and practices on the 12 lifestyle habits to live your life like a pro!
  • Weekly and Monthly events around the 12 lifestyle habits
  • Participate in high quality live master class with a lifestyle expert
  • Meet people who, like you, who are taking the performance lifestyle mindset and skillset from theory, to practice to mastery.

Are you ready to start living your life like a pro?

I get it. There's free information, groups, and thousands of courses everywhere. But the truth is no one has given you the whole lifestyle solution; just fragments of a lifestyle, that leave you falling back into the gaps.

In the beginning, I myself struggled for over 20 years searching for answers, only to be left with frustrating experiments or confusion. Until I discovered what it means to live a Performance Lifestyle. I am dedicated to giving you the BEST information and from different angles, so that you can live, your life, like a pro within your constraints and goals.

Why should you listen to me?

My expertise stems not only from helping people just like you to making the life-transforming choices that result in renewed personal energy, health, and higher performance in life but also because I once myself was tired and worn down entrepreneur.

I know what it feels like to struggle with an ambition that outpaces one’s capacity to keep up. From early on, I suffered from a low-grade, intensifying fatigue that clouded my life, even when things were going well.

I was crushing it but was also getting crushed and it compounded over time. 

Essential areas of my life seemed to be on permanent hold as my own needs weren’t getting met. 

And that took its toll on my life experience and relationships, my health, performance, and wellbeing

 I finally understood the importance of having a lifestyle that supports you in what you are up to in this world.

But with a market filled with countless fragmented solutions, selling themselves as “lifestyles” often yielding imponent longer term results; I decided to put together the complete lifestyle solution that would help you ward off all the B.S., give you the results that only a whole lifestyle can deliver, and would actually save you 20 years or more in time, money and energy.

No-Brainer | Affordable | Life Changing Transformation

The idea here is to not have to search all over the web, spend thousands of dollars in both time and money for what you need, and allow the Performance Lifestyle® Academy to save you time and give you a sense of community, encouragement and connection on the path to living your best life.

Time is short, make the most of it! This will make the next 20 years the best they can possibly be.

It’s guaranteed.

Stay Vital, John Allen Mollenhauer “JAM”.

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